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Pembroke Pines, Florida

Century Village of Pembroke Pines, located in beautiful South Florida, has a large number of social groups, clubs and organizations, offering a wide assortment of social activities and entertainment which residents may attend.

We are not one of them!  We are a Teaching Club - one that gives priority to Education, specifically learning about computers and using them in the 21st century.

The majority of our residents are retired seniors, and we all know that the brain, like any other part of the body, needs exercise to stay healthy.  "Use it or lose it", as the saying goes.  So we study, learn and grow together, in an exciting environment and using the very latest technology available!  In fact, we can proudly boast that we have 38 state-of-the-art, internet-connected workstations in our Computer Learning Center, located in the Clubhouse.

The cost?  For a mere $15 per year in Club dues, a member can attend any number of classes, with no additional charges at all - ever.

The Century Village Computer Club offers a wide variety of classes aimed at virtually any and every level of user.  So, we ask our fellow residents:

i agree  Are you a complete novice, barely able to even spell "computer", never mind actually use one?  We have the perfect class for you, with patient and understanding teachers who will provide one-on-one help all the way.

i agree  Are you a fairly knowledgeable computer user?  We have excellent, challenging classes at which you will grow and increase your skills.  Or maybe you could even help teach one of them?

i agree  Do you have a shiny new smartphone, or maybe a tablet or other device and really don't know what it can do?  We have one-on-one sessions to answer your questions and guide you. You'll wonder why you didn't come sooner!

i agree  Are you interested in using your digital camera and manipulating your photos within a computer?  We have exceptional teachers to help you harness your creativity and get the very best out of both you and your equipment.

i agree  Do you have a vision impairment, and sadly assume that using a computer is not an option for you?  We have Vision-Impaired facilities that will surprise and delight you.

You can access the rest of the website by moving your cursor over the drop-down menus (in green) at the top of this page, and clicking on any link you choose. 

Learn more about our Club, and how you can join us in learning more about the wonderful world of Computers.  You'll be very glad you did!  I promise!


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