Class Descriptions

Email Clinic:

One on one assistance on how to use and work with your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Bring questions to class, and any necessary information to access the Internet.

Beginners Level #1:

Working with documents, learn how to save, copy, cut and paste. Learn the workings of the computer by typing, making certificates and more

How to Enjoy Your Computer:

Come to this fun-filled Friday class and learn about MS Word, the Internet, or anything else we can think of to have fun. We take loads of input from the group and have a very interesting Friday morning.

Surfing the Internet:

Surf the internet for shopping, traveling, playing games, watching the news, accessing government websites, weather, and more.

PhotoShop Classes - Beginners level, Intermediate and advanced levels:

These classes are devoted to learning the operation of PhotoShop, such as the tools and their functions.

Open Lab:

These sessions are open to students who wish to practice with or have access to a computer.  The instructors are there to supervise or answer questions. The convenience of having the opportunity of using the facilities without restriction is another way the Club is there for you.

Level Two:

This class will use Microsoft Word, learning how to use: numbering, columns, format, insert, table, themes, copy and paste, cut and paste, color, enlarge a picture or illustration, increase and decrease the size of fonts, change the style of fonts, spelling and grammar check, save and save as, and create borders with the PAINT program. Students will also increase their typing and keyboarding skills by composing short essays re their personal life experiences. Some skill and experience with the mouse is required to attend this class.

Spanish Beginners En Español:

Learn how to operate "Word" and e-mail, and how to surf the Internet.
Aprender como trabajar en "Word" y e-mail, tambien como buscar en el Internet.