October 2017 - Email Tips



Classic Yahoo Inbox

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Question: Would you please help me restore the Yahoo interface to the classic look? (The Yahoo Customer Care team is completely ignoring my emails and I don’t know what to do, as I truly dislike the new look.) I attach a screenshot of what appears from my wheel.

Answer: Switching to the classic look is fairly easy from a browser. But remember, it’s not something you can do if you’re using a mobile device like a phone or tablet or working with the Yahoo Mail app downloaded from the Windows Store. To get the classic look, click the gear wheel and choose Settings from the drop-down menu.

Under settings, choose Viewing email. Then scroll down to Mail Version to pick basic. Then click Save.



Outlook.com Adds Focused Inbox

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Outlook.com has joined the Windows 10 Mail app, the Outlook Mobile app, and Outlook in Office by adding the Focused Inbox feature.

This feature is part of what’s called a “smart pipe,” where email services try to pre-sort your messages. It’s a bit like a spam filter, only it aims to sort out messages you probably want to see by order of importance. In this case, you’ll see Focused and Other.

Just click the Other tab to see the contents of that inbox. Outlook.com asks for your opinion the first time you use it.

Just fill out the form and let them know how you’d like to see it improved.

If a message is in the wrong inbox, just click on the drove down arrow next to Move to. You can move to the Focused inbox just once or have this kind of email go to Focus always.

Is Outlook.com doing a good job of sorting your messages? Let them know what you think of Focused Inbox.