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Add a Second Music Track in Movie Maker

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Q: Everyone keeps showing how to add music to Movie Maker 2012. But, no one has addressed the question of why the music moves, when adding additional tracks or removing tracks. Every time I try to replace a selection of music, the rest of the previously added music will move into the vacated area and prevent me from inserting the new tracks.”

A: Thanks for your question. Hopefully, we’ve got the solution to your problem. First, we’ll take a look at the issue in a little more detail.

Let’s say you make a movie in Movie Maker. All the visuals are look fine, but you realized that it all sounds a little dull without any music. So, you add some appropriate music and you play it back. Now you realize that the song gets a little boring after a while and you wish to add a second music track. In Movie Maker that is easier said than done. Keep reading and I’ll explain how we can make it happen.

When you add music, Movie Maker puts in the whole song and fills in any empty spaces. When you add your second track, it will start immediately from your selected ending point. To change that, try the method below.

Let’s get to it.

1. Insert the song by clicking the Add Music button.

2. Your song is now inserted into the movie. Play your video by clicking the Play button (little triangle). Pause it at the point where you want your first song to end.

After you have paused the video this will be where the music will stop and any new music will start (unless you change the starting point). All you have to do now is click Options under Music Tool.

3. The final step is just one click away. Click “Set end point” and the music will stop where you paused.

3b. Now that you have your music in the right points, you feel pretty proud of yourself. But, in most cases you stumble across yet another problem: the music ends too abruptly! Well, Movie Maker has you covered yet again and you don’t have to go trekking through Audacity or another sound editing program to put in a fade effect.

This step is very simple actually. You click on the arrow pointing down beside “Fade out” and then select whatever speed you want the music to fade out at.

4. Repeat Step 1 to add in your second song.

Movie Maker, is a great, free program. Hopefully this tip makes it easier to add music.




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Chordify is a terrific site! It transforms music from YouTube, SoundCloud or your private collection and converts it into chords that you can play along with on a guitar, ukulele, or piano. It’s a “freemium” service – meaning that there is a free level and a premium (paid for) level.

The free version includes 3 songs in music storage, maximum song duration of 10 minutes, maximum file size of 10 MB, and .PDFs of the chord diagrams. To compare that to the Premium, check out this Link.

When you arrive you’ll notice there is a navigation strip along the top of the page with the options: Home, Library, More, Create Account, Login, and then social media buttons. In the center of the page you’ll find the field were you can either upload a song from your collection (you’ll need to create an account to do so) or the field below it where you can paste in a URL to the song you want to convert.

To create a free account, click Create Account at the top of the page and then fill out the form with your name, a working e-mail address, and create a password. Then click the Create Account button on the form. You’ll be automatically signed in.

I put in the YouTube link for my niece’s favorite song at the moment, Noosa’s “Walk on By”, and it generated this page. When I press play it starts the song, and the chord field also starts playing. The free version allows you to play, pause, download, and get diagrams on how to play the chords.

I think this is a pretty exciting way to experience your favorite songs if you play the guitar, ukulele, or piano.

http://chordify.net /