November 2017 - Nature and Science

This page offers general news on the changing development in the evolving world of nature and science, as well as valuable information advice. I've also added tidbits and news items from around the world of technology. Hope you enjoy them.



Bird of the Year

I have a number of friends who are avid bird watchers. Perhaps you are one, or know somebody who enjoys birds. If so, welcome to the American Birding Association’s Bird of the Year page.

This year they’ve selected the Ruddy Turnstone as their 2017 bird of the year. This year’s selection took into account the option for birders to actually be able to see the bird in the wild. As a shorebird, it is likely that birders might run across the Ruddy Turnstone in their adventures.

When you arrive at the site you’ll find images, information, and fun facts about the bird. In addition to all that you’ll also find information about its name and links to its bird calls.



Discover the Forest

Welcome to Discover the Forest. This site wants to help you reconnect with the natural world by helping you find parks and forests near you.

The Locate A Forest function is directly under the rotating banner, just put in your zip code and select within a range of miles from the drop down and click Map my Results. This will show you forests and parks in your area on a map. Click the pin to learn more about each specific location and get directions to it.

In addition to this great locator, you’ll also find great featured content on the main page like Kubo & the Two Strings PSAs, A Kid in Every Park, Urban Parks, and even a great collection of forest photographs.

At the top of the page, you’ll find a navigation strip that offers sections on Activities, Planning, Share the Forest, Get Involved, and Forest Facts. Activities gives you suggestions of what kinds of things you can do when you’re in a forest or park, Planning is just that tips for planning your next forest adventure, and be sure to check out Forest Facts for great information about forests.

This is a wonderful way to see forests and parks near you.