October 2017 - Smartphones

This page offers general news on the changing development in the evolving world of smartphones, as well as valuable information advice. I've also added tidbits and news items from around the world of technology. Hope you enjoy them.



Data Usage on Phones

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Question: Just a quick question about phones. If you use wifi in your home and have Verizon as your carrier, is it still possible to go over your usage? Is there a way to make sure your phone is not using the usage part from Verizon? Hope this makes sense. My daughter says when she uses the Wifi she is not using anything else so should not go over but yet she has. So I’m curious.

I suspect your daughter is exactly right. When you log onto home WiFi with your phone, you aren’t using up any of your cellular plan minutes. Unless you are using your smartphone as a mobile hotspot. I’m guessing you have a home plan with Verizon and also a separate plan for your phone.

If your daughter is making phone calls over the 3G or 4G connection, that is coming out of whatever carrier her phone is signed up with. But if she’s an adult with her own phone, it wouldn’t come out of yours. If she uses the WiFi connection to use messaging apps, surf the net, or watch a movie, it would not be subtracted from your mobile data plan.

Home Internet does usually have a data cap, but it’s hard to go over unless you’re downloading massive amounts of data. One person engaging in normal Internet activity isn’t really going to make that much of a difference to the total.

And don’t worry, there’s no way that your router is going to somehow get confused and charge your phone plan for using it.

Verizon offers several tools for monitoring your usage of mobile data plans and talk or text menus. You can click here to learn all about them.




Adjust Android Font Size & Style

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Not happy with the look of your Android smartphone display? If you’re using the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system, you can customize it. Go to settings.

Scroll down to Display and tap.

Look for Display Size or Screen zoom and font.

You’ll get a screen similar to this. Only certain built-in apps like email and contacts will be affected by the changes. Screen zoom controls how much of the display of the app you’ll see. Move the slider bar between small, medium, and large to adjust.

Here’s the screen in small…

and large. Just hit Apply when you’re happy with the size.

You can also adjust the size and styles of fonts (type style and size) by moving the slider bar. You have more choice with font size; there are seven stops along that slider bar.

Here’s the email app with the smaller size.

and with larger print. Note this won’t affect the print size of emails you receive. Only the size of the display of the app.

You can also change the font. There are built-in fonts or you can download new ones. Just tap the + icon next to Add fonts.

You’ll see a selection of paid and free options from the Google Play Store. Just tap the download arrow.

I’d be careful with that though. A type style can look fun, but end up being quite difficult to read. Default fonts are default fonts for a reason.

Remember to hit apply to make any changes stick.