November, 2017 - Social Media Tips

Every day we hear about social networking, texting, tweeting, and other means of communication, some instant and some not (such as YouTube), some used on mobile devices and some not.  Communication has reached new heights and is still evolving, as shown by the ever-increasing impact that such methods have on world events.  Some of us find it all mind-boggling.

This webpage will try to look at some of these technologies may help you to better understanding this fast-moving world of communication.



Facebook Friend Requests: The Devil You Know & The Devil You Don’t

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If you want to steer clear of scammers on Facebook, there are two rules to follow.

1. Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know.

2. Don’t accept friend requests from people you do know. (At least, folks you’re already friends with.)

A friend of mine got tricked recently by a friend request from an account that featured a picture of a profile professional-looking older gentleman. Since he was listed as a mutual friend of her aunt, she assumed that maybe he was a relative or a family friend. That was a mistake. It wasn’t long before this guy started asking inappropriate questions. A quick check of his profile showed he was brand new to Facebook and all of his friends were seemingly unrelated women all over the world.

His photos all appeared to be screenshots from someone’s modeling portfolio. Needless to say, she unfriended him ASAP. Always make a quick check of the profile for anyone you don’t recognize. Look at how long they’ve had a Facebook account and how many mutual friends you have. Ask your mutual friends who this person is. If they don’t know, it’s likely they just accepted random friend requests.

The second mistake to avoid is accepting a friend request from someone who is already your Facebook friend. Someone who is already your friend cannot send you a friend request. If you aren’t sure if this person is already your friend, check your Friends list. If that person is already on there, it’s likely that request is coming from a scammer who has stolen the picture and name of your actual friend. So make sure to report that account as fraudulent and notify your actual friend as to what’s happening.



Facebook Improves Mobile Video

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Facebook is making some changes to video playback in the mobile app that include the ability to watch FB video on your smart TV. Let’s check out the changes.

Users will now be able to expand vertical videos to a full-screen size.

They’ll also be able to see a frame by frame preview of where they are in the video when they navigate.

In the past, if you scrolled past a video, it stopped playing. Now you can keep scrolling and let the video play.

You can even watch that video outside of the Facebook app.

There’s also a brand-new Facebook Video app for smart TVs that will be available for Samsung Smart TV as well Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Other platforms are expected to add the app soon.